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TEINAMENTO R-W, Primeiro Curso Internacional - RIO DE JANEIRO May/2014
Spine pathology causes serious problems for the patient and the patient´s family, determining severe socioeconomic losses. When conservative therapy and medications are not enough, surgery may be indicated. In this context, spine surgery has undergone major transformations. Thousands of types of surgical implants have been developed, but today we have noticed that a small health problem undergoes a major aggressive surgery approach with a consequent surgical trauma sequelae. There is a need for a "change of heart ", a paradigm breaking with minimally invasive methods ..... where less is more!
Endoscopic surgery minimizes tissue damage and because it is a widely established techinique, performed by several medical specialties, there is "no going back". The development of surgical instruments with lenses, endoscopes and high resolution cameras made it possible to apply this technology in approaching the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine for resolving most of the problems that arise in the daily lives of our patients. The submerged full-endoscopic technique allows clear vision as well as being effective in arthroscopic surgeries.
Using foraminal and interlaminar approach it is possible to resolve the most frequent pathologies on outpatient and with a minimal risk of infection. With an accurate technique and respecting the limits of this method, the results are promissing and the more aggressive surgeris are left for the cases in which it is really needed. A detailed anatomical knowledge of the foraminal and interlaminar boundaries is necessary as well as details of the physiological conditions peculiar to this type of procedure.
During this course, with hands-on lab cadaver training, participants will be able to learn the method and initially acquire a basis for development of a learning curve. We will have the participation of our national experience and contribution of international experience, demonstrating the technique , possible complications and minimizing the mistakes.
Considering the great interest of the Brazilian and foreign colleagues in acquiring knowledge of the endoscopic technique for spinal surgery, it will be of a great satisfaction to us your participation in our symposium and conference dinner.

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